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Articles Written about the 2022 US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum

  • Mexico LNG Projects, Power Plants Lack Clear Path to Natural Gas Access, Experts Say (Natural Gas Intelligence)
  • Mexico Industrials Locking In Cheap U.S. Natural Gas Prices Amid Global Volatility, BP Exec Says (Natural Gas Intelligence)
  • Can CFE’s Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines Handle Bevy of New Projects? (Natural Gas Intelligence)
  • CFE Changes Tack, Enlists International Firms in Demand-Focused Natural Gas Strategy (Natural Gas Intelligence)
  • New Fortress to sign deal for Mexico’s Lakach gas project next week -CFO (Thomson Reuters)
  • Mexico in talks with U.S. storage providers to set up gas reserve (Thomson Reuters)
  • Mexico energy outlook is slow diplomacy – panelists (ICIS)
  • Mexico gas market progress slow but developing – panelists (ICIS)
  • México busca almacenar gas en EEUU para consolidar reservas estratégicas (AFP)
  • Guillermo Turrent, un exfuncionario de la CFE acusado de corrupción, reaparece en una conferencia en Texas (El País)
  • La CFE emprende la búsqueda de inversionistas internacionales en Estados Unidos (El País)
  • La CFE confía en que habrá un acuerdo en las consultas del TMEC sobre la política energética de México (El País)
  • US-Mexico Gas Market Will Grow, But LNG Is a Challenge (Energy Intelligence)
  • Mexico LNG Sector Could Be Stymied By Supply Competition (Energy Intelligence)
  • New Fortress Rolls Out LNG Scheme Tailored for Mexico (Energy Intelligence)
  • Weekly Mexico Energy Monitor (Miranda Intelligence)
  • Mexico’s new era of strategic energy partnerships – Mirage or Gold Rush? (Miranda Intelligence)

Articles Written about the 2021 US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum

  • Oil Producers Worldwide Seeking to Make Up for Pandemic-Induced Losses – Texas Regulator (Sputnik Newswire)
  • Texas Oil Regulator Says Increased Regulation on Energy Sector Will Increase Gas Prices (Sputnik Newswire)
  • Biden Administration’s Policies Contribute to Spike in Gas Prices – Texas Oil Regulator (Sputnik Newswire)
  • Mexican Gov’t Impedes Foreign Investment in Energy Sector Fearing Exploitation – Experts (Sputnik Newswire)
  • US Natural Gas Prices Unlikely to Rise as Supply Market Balances – ConocoPhillips Analyst (Sputnik Newswire)
  • Market observers cast doubt on Mexico’s natural gas export hub ambitions (S&P Global)
  • Mexico Flaring Problem Should be Solved by Markets, says Texas Railroad Commissioner (NGI)
  • Veracruz Salt Dome Natural Gas Storage Project Said ‘Probable’ – Mexico Spotlight (NGI)
  • U.S. Natural Gas Prices to Remain High Through Winter as Exports Surge, Says EIA (NGI)
  • Mexico Natural Gas Buyers Said Nervous About Winter Supply, Price Shocks (NGI)
  • Texas gas export ban remains unresolved: Wright (Argus Media)
  • Mexico’s energy reform likely to remain in place despite presidential efforts (ICIS)
  • PTSD Lingers in Mexico’s Gas Market From February Freeze (Energy Intelligence)

Articles Written about the 2019 US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum:

Articles Written about the 2018 US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum:

  • Mirage Energy to build new commercial gas storage in Mexico (ICIS)
  • BP Exec Offers Advice on Improving Mexico’s Natural Gas Market (NGI)
  • Mexico Natural Gas Output Decline Seen Continuing for Several Years(NGI)
  • Mexico’s GDP Healthy on Eve of Changeover (NGI)
  • Dos Bocas Refinery Approved in Latest AMLO Referendum (NGI)
  • Mirage Energy Seeks to Address Mexico Pipeline Capacity, Storage Constraints (NGI)
  • Costa Azul HOA sparks talk of Mexico LNG exports  (S&P Global Platts)
  • Mexico gas markets expected to stay competitive (S&P Global Platts)
  • Nueva Era to expand US-to-Mexico capacity (S&P Global Platts)
  • US­-Mexico Gas Partnership Likely to Succeed, Even if it Takes Time (Energy Intelligence)
  • US­-Mexico Pipeline Build-­Out Shaken as Defiant TransCanada Halts Work (Energy Intelligence)
  • Permian bottleneck to boost Waha gas supply (Argus)
  • Mexico unlikely to move off US nat gas imports (Argus)

Articles Written about the 2017 US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum:

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