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“Sequent Energy Management has a longstanding and valuable relationship with the LDC Gas Forums. We continue to support the Forums because of the quality programs, the networking opportunities with the industry’s best leaders and the incredible effort put into keeping the program topics contemporary and relevant. This newly announced US-Mexico Gas Forum is another example of an event that is timely and meaningful to our industry. Sequent Energy Management is taking a leading role to serve the growing natural gas needs of neighboring Mexico, as demonstrated in our support of this new Forum and the markets it represents. Just like we have for over 15 years, Sequent Energy Management is pleased to again sponsor all the LDC Gas Forums in 2017, including our lead role for this new program in San Antonio.”
Marshall Lang, President, Sequent Energy Management


“I have to say that with all of the choices out there for industry conferences, the newest and best gathering place has to be San Antonio for the US/Mexico Gas Forum. The Forums always do such a great job organizing and managing their events, and they always seem to bring in the participants that matter. It was a great relief to see attendees from both sides of the border, as well as most all the significant contributors to the market. We’ve definitely added this to our annual calendar.”
Dr. Jim Duncan, Director, Market Research, ConocoPhillips


There are so many conferences to consider to attend and participate in discussing Mexico but the US-Mexico Forum is one of the best places to learn and share information with the industry
Ruben Pedro Rodriguez, Director General for Economic Analysis in Gas Unit, Energy Regulatory Commission



“Well organized group of events. Always beneficial and entertaining, and we look forward to supporting in 2019.”
Zachary Shaaban, Sr. Business Development & Sales Representative, CenterPoint Energy




“Thanks so much for all your hard work putting on the US-Mexico Forum. The contacts alone made it worth attending but the program was also excellent.”
Tom Haywood, Senior Markets Reporter, Energy Intelligence


“Some of the biggest gas producers, marketers and midstream attended.”

Adela Guillaumin, Commercial Analyst, Techgen

“This was by far the most relevant and informative forum I’ve been to in a long time, if not ever”
Aaron Goetze, Manager, Natural Gas, ICE

“Great variety of speakers covered economic and regulatory outlook as well as emerging opportunities without being repetitive”
Travis Willoughby, Business Development, Allegro

“Best natural gas conference related to US-Mexico developments”
Tom Bankert, President, TB Consulting


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